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A message from the CEO

December 09, 2020 2 min read

Von Hound and Friends Online Pet Store

The story of Von Hound and Friends

Since I was young, I have always loved animals. I would bring home whatever stray creature I had found and convince my parents to let me keep it. This ranged from rabbits and guinea pigs, to wild mice, dogs and more.

My childhood dog Tinkerbell was a small fox terrier who I took with me everywhere. I would also wash her constantly to ensure she was kept smelling fresh. Mum used to joke I would wash to spots off her one day!

My dream was to be a Vet, which was shattered when in year 10 I did a stint at the local vets where in a single week, we aborted a litter of kittens, an older German Shepherd died when getting desexed and some orphan baby bunnies died. I knew that dealing with animal death as my career was never going to do.

Total Dachshund Lover

When I got older and started my own family, I knew it was time for a dog. I wanted my son to enjoy the adventures and life learnings that come with owning your own pets. We got a Dachshund. A long haired, red dapple, chocolate carrying male dachshund who was simply the most beautiful, naughty, adorable time waster we had ever met. He was christened Ludwig Von Hound. My love for Dashies was well and truly cemented.

Since then I have spent the last five years researching and learning about the bred. They’re a fascinating animal, with many interesting genetic and personality traits to their name. Our brood has grown from one long haired lout to five with our sixth on the way. Our house is filled with barking, hole digging and constant poo patrol, but we couldn’t be happier!

A balanced Nutritional Pet Diet

I realised with the on boarding of my small pack of Von Hound’s that keeping the dogs suitably entertained, enriched, and nutritionally balanced was no easy task. Which is where Von Hound and Friends was born. I decided I wanted to make available to other Aussies a range of enrichment toys and apparel for their furry friends, here in Australia. I also wanted, where possible to educate people on the importance of balanced nutrition and animal enrichment in keeping their furry pets happy and healthy.

But why stop at dogs? When all pets require the same level of care and love? Well – we won’t. We aim to bring into our shop all kinds of animal products for your feather, fur or finned pets. We ask that you keep checking in to see what will be in store next and reach out if you think there is anything missing!

We love our community

We love feedback and we also love referrals, so please keep us in mind when choosing to buy your next harness, leash, toy or animal care product!

Love the Von Hound Family

Shannon Ball
Shannon Ball

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