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Are Dachshunds good with Children?

March 30, 2022 2 min read

Are Dachshunds good with Kids - Von Hound and Friends

Dachshunds and Kids? Good Mix?

YES! We have a gang of kiddies and a gang of Dachshunds and they are the BEST of friends!

Dachshunds make ideal family pets owing to their loyal and friendly temperament.  It is important to remember though, especially with little kiddies, that those long sausage bodies need a fair bit of consideration to avoid any back injuries!

As with all dog-training, the key to socialization with yourDachshund is to START EARLY!!  If you are bringing a puppy into your home with younger children making sure both your Dachshunds and children know safe guidelines and boundaries from the get-go will make training easier and the outcome better! Dachshunds like to know their place in the social hierarchy so it essential to set those boundaries early so yourDachshunds maintain that structure faithfully and obediently!

Dachshunds natural affection and openly friendly nature can become a bright light in your child's life as they face the challenges of childhood and even the dreaded teenage years! Dachshunds are faithfully loyal pack animals and, if nurtured, will be faithful best friends with your children.

Here are some tips to teach your children when introducing a Dachshunds into the household:

1. Respect your Dachshunds need for space and quiet time

Feeling secure in their home environment is really important for Doxies, so properly educating your kiddies on respecting quiet time and space is really important.  If your Dachshunds is sleeping – let them rest! Don’t let younger children interrupt eating time -  quickest way to get bitten by a dog is to touch their food and making them feel threatened! If your Dachshunds purposefully walks away from play time – LET THEM!  This is their way of telling you they need some space!

2. Know how to pick up your Dachshunds

Back problems can be a real issue with Dachshunds because of their long sausage back which contributes to a weakened spine. Teaching young children how to pick up your Dachshunds property from the beginning should minimise the risk of back issues arising.  Picking up your Dachshunds by carefully placing one hand under behind the front legs and the other hand behind their butt is best practice and a firm “two hands” policy for younger kiddies is paramount!

3. Be Gentle to Dachshunds

Over stimulation for any dog is important to avoid, but particularly with younger kiddies!  No Pulling, No hitting, No yelling, No dragging!  GOOD LUCK!

    Most of all, enjoy your bite size little Dachshunds!  They are not only cute to look at, but really delicious little family members!

    Shannon Ball
    Shannon Ball

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