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How regular should I groom my dog?

December 06, 2021 4 min read

Why Dog Grooming is important - Von Hound and Friends

Why grooming is important for dogs

Dogs are expensive! They’re expensive to buy, expensive to feed, not to mention the vet visits, pet insurance and the fashionable dog wear that you need (which is essential btw). But then add the expense of regular professional grooming? Why bother, right?

We all know how frustrating it is when the lounge is covered in dog hair. And not just the lounge, but your clothes, the blankets, your guests clothes and who can forget the tumbleweeds of dog hair that float across the floor. BUT – did you know that regular grooming can reduce this considerably? Like a lot. Like you will hardly notice the hair anymore. Now, when I say regular grooms, we are talking four weekly here. 

Get rid of unwanted pet hair

Not only will it reduce the amount of hair, but it will make your hound more comfortable. When you professionally groom, the hydrobath is high powered getting right down to the skin meaning the dog is cleaner, it also loosens dead undercoat. Then we blow dry your pup with a high velocity blow dryer which blasts out dead undercoats. Finally, if we aren’t shaving we use deshedding tools to get any dead undercoat we might have missed. 

This process is beneficial for long and short haired breeds alike and also helps to remove dead skin cells and spread around natural oils. 

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How much hair can come out during a groom?

If you’re wondering just how much hair can come out during a groom, hair that was destined for your home, have a look at these images. And that’s not even all of the hair! There was plenty more around the salon – EVERYWHERE! This was after only a few weeks. 

Dog Being Groomed

Removed hair after only a few weeks

The next image is what the coat looks like after the bath when being blow dried. You can literally see the dead undercoat that we need to get out. Now I am telling you, this dog looked beautiful! You would never have known how much dead undercoat needed to come out, or that hidden beneath his beautiful hair was some growing matts which needed to be removed.

Dog being blow dried

What are hygiene dog trims?

Let's talk about hygiene trims – these have to be the best part of a groom – in my opinion. We shave out the long ear hairs to keep the ears clean, the pads of their feet, so they don’t drag mud around the house and their bottom and privates! Add to that underarm hair if your hound tends to get matting there. Not only does this make your hound more comfortable, it promotes hygiene which is really important. 

Pet Ear Cleaning and Nail Trimming

Then there is the ear cleaning and toenail trimming. Did you know that long toenails affect your dogs’ gait and can turn a sound paw into a splayed foot and reduce traction. If prolonged it can cause deformed feet and injure the tendon. As the long nail hits the ground, the pressure puts force on the foot and leg structure. Not to mention, that in dogs nails is a quick, which provides blood supply, so if you cut the quick the toenail will bleed and it really hurts your hound. So regular grooming of nails is an absolute MUST.

Grooming is a chance to check your hound over from nose to tail and everything in between. Often times health concerns can be picked up by your groomer as they will notice changes in your dog if they are seeing it regularly and I can GUARANTEE we get up close and personal – so we don’t miss much. 

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Can my dog love being groomed?

By far a groomer's favourite benefit of regular grooming is desensitisation. Dogs that are regularly groomed become easy dogs to groom, they know the process and you build up trust with them. Allowing your hound to get used to being handled which is extremely beneficial should you ever need to fish something out of their ear, or pull a tick out from between their toes. 

Now obviously not for ALL dogs, but there are of course the benefits associated with dogs who are clipped or styled! Especially for dogs with undetermined hair length, like poodles and oodles. It is essential for these guys to be regularly groomed to keep their hair from getting matted and tangled and to keep them cool in summer. Not to mention you can pick some pretty adorable haircuts! 

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Lastly and most obviously your dog always looks amazing after a professional groom! They never smell as good and their hair never sits as well as when they go to the groomer and get their hair done!

I must say, even though I believe professional grooming is a top priority, grooming is a great bonding activity with your hound and you can never be overgroomed. So in between grooms, especially if your dog has long hair, I would still recommend running a brush through them whenever you get the chance – your groomer will love you for it and it also means you are likely able to keep your hounds hair longer.

So - if you weren’t convinced before, I hope you are now! Don’t forget to book in your 4-6 week grooms and keep you pooch in tip top condition!

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Shannon Ball
Shannon Ball

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