About Von Hound

HELLO! Welcome to our little business: Von Hound and Friends!

My name is Shannon, I am a mum to a beautiful nine-year-old boy and a clan of little dachshunds – Von Hounds to be more precise. We are located in Northern NSW in the Tweed Region, a slice of heaven where the mountains meet the best oceans in the country.

I started Von Hound and Friends after I started my journey as a boutique breeder of long haired mini dachshunds – Von Hound Dashies. The health and well-being of my prize hounds became my absolute passion and I have not stopped learning as much as I can to continue to be the best fur-mum I can be.

­ Here's a photo of me, my sister Heather, Justine Elliot MP, and - of course - Teddy! Sporting our Starshine Seren Set ­ ­

I was spending a lot on accessories for my babies, and also international shipping on enrichment toys for their mental wellbeing and stimulation. So, I thought why not design my own and have a range for other fur-mummas like me to buy right here in Australia! So bumbled my way around, researching to see what I could do with my ideas. So, somewhere in 2020 Von Hound and Friends was born!

Its been a slow start for us whilst I have been trying to find my way in what is a very challenging market place. I’ve made some great decisions and some not so great decisions and have learnt a lot along the way. I have been juggling my day job, with a young son, keeping my many furbabies happy and healthy, raising the four litters I have had over the last two years as well as trying to maintain my sanity during COVID.

2021 was an exciting year with two of my four litters being born last year and my son and I moving from Queensland to Terranora. By this stage, keeping up with the grooming expenses associated with my swarms of dachshunds had become expensive and I decided to study my grooming course with Heiniger with the amazing Naomi Conroy from Kings Pet Spa as my mentor. I immediately loved it! And I decided to open Von Hound and Friends Grooming from my home.

I opened my salon in October last year and in January 2022 I decided to take on my very first Employee, who is also studying grooming now, Heather – my sister! Heather is also joining me in helping to run the online side of the business to ensure that we can continue to grow and deliver exceptional products and services to our Von Hound Family now and into the future.

Did I mention my sister is stepping away from her legal career to help me? So shes bringing some serious brains to the operation haha.

So from us here at Von Hounds to you, our Friends, we thank you for your support both now and hopefully into the future!

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