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Dog Poop Bag Holders

At Von Hound and Friends, we understand that responsible pet ownership goes hand in hand with convenience and style. Our Poo Bag Holders Collection brings together functionality and fashion, offering a range of premium leather holders designed to keep your essentials organized while you focus on your pet's well-being. From holding your phone to providing soft and handy storage for poop bags, this collection is a testament to your commitment as a pet owner.

Leather Phone and Poo Bag Holder: Effortless Multi-Tasking

Our Leather Phone and Poo Bag Holder is the epitome of practical elegance. Crafted from high-quality leather, it offers a secure pouch for your phone along with a designated compartment for poop bags. Walks become even more enjoyable as you can keep your hands free, while your phone and bags are readily accessible.

Soft Poo Bag Holder: Ultimate Convenience, Gentle Touch

Experience the ultimate in convenience with our Soft Poo Bag Holder. Made from soft and durable materials, this holder ensures your poop bags are always within reach. The compact design easily attaches to your leash, belt, or bag, making clean-up a breeze without sacrificing style.

Don't forget to add a Portal Dog Water Bottle to your cart for re-hydration, plus don't forget to add a Soft Dog Collar and Matching Lead for those adventure training days.

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Leather Phone and Poop Bag Holder

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