Dog Training Clicker


Clicker Trainer for Puppies

These Training Clickers for Puppies and Adult Dogs offer a safe and efficient way to train your pets. Like Pavlov's dog recognizing the bell for food, by pressing the clicker you can train your dog by using the clicker to demonstrate the behavior you wish them to continue. Whether that behavior be Sitting, Staying, Rolling Over or more complex tricks like Sitting Pretty or Shaking hands, this distinct and recognizable sound is designed to get your pet's attention and will become a familiar indicator of a job well done when paired with a treat.

  • Available in Black, white, blue pink
  • Made out of Plastic
  • Size: 72mm x 30mm x 18mm
  • Included with a Whistle
  • Raised design button to activate the click
  • Great for Obedience / Agility training
  • Used as a Positive Training Toll for Dogs

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