About Us

Von Hound and Friends was born from a love of Dachchunds and all things animals, with a focus on pet care and animal enrichment, we hope to be your one stop shop for keeping your furry and feathered pets happy and healthy!

Von Hound and Friends was born to make quality animal care and enrichment more accessible to pet owners. As a Gold Coast Mum, with a growing tribe of dashies, and our very own Galah, providing quality care and positive mental stimulation to not only my furbabies, but also to the babies I was breeding and preparing for their furever homes quickly became my priority. Pets are more then belongings, they are family. Just like children it is our obligation as pet owners to give our pets a life of fulfillment.

The more I researched and became involved in the Dachsund world and creating well balanced pups and pets, the more I came to realize the importance of investing in products which benefit the animal. We hope as we grown, we can become a brand at the forefront of providing exceptional, affordable products for your and your pets. I am always available to chat and answer your questions and intend to release videos about the use of each product we sell. Feel free to drop us a line, and join our Facebook and Instagram pages to see more about our story.

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