Plush Dog Bed

Rainbow Unicorn

Fluffy Dog Bed

Does your pet love to snuggle up into something warm and soft? Then they will love our plush fluffy dog bed. Available in either a fun rainbow colour or grey. This fluffy dog bed can either be used in summer or in winter, just simply chinch in the buttons and elastic to create a warm comfy cocoon.

  • Fluffy Dog Bed
  • Rainbow Colour Bed has soft fabric
  • Grey Colour Bed has fluffy soft fabric
  • Can be layed flat or like a cocoon
  • Anxiety Dog Bed
  • Hand wash or Machine Wash 
  • Size 70cm x 80cm

Do Calming Pet Beds Work?

Yes, They have been proven to help pets who feel anxious feel safe and warm but the shape of the bed is round or oval. The sides of the beds help your pet snuggle up into them and allow them to curl up just like they would to their mum or yourself. 

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