Anthea Bloom Dog Bandana

Pink Bandana with flowers

As pink as the next time you blush in public for having the most fashionista pup. Lightweight and can be used as a cooling neckerchief by simply soaking it in cool water and allowing your pet to wear it on a humid day.

Dog Bandana Details:

  • Comes as a Triangle Shape
  • Tie-Up Style
  • Available in one-size-fits-all
  • Made of Neoprene
  • The pattern is on one side
  • Cooling Bandana (Can be soaked and put in the fridge)
  • Size: 35cm x 35cm

Care Instructions:

Please always keep an eye on your pet while wearing our Pet Bandanas and be aware that they are not meant for rough play. We recommend removing any accessories before allowing your pet to play with other dogs. Von Hound and Friends is not responsible for any damage caused to pets or humans due to product misuse.

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