Cognitive Support for Dogs

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šŸ’”Ā SUPPORTS MEMORY FUNCTION:Ā IncludingĀ elements such as Arginine, we can helpĀ metabolise areas of the brain that affectĀ memory processing, spatial memory and cognitive and motor functions.Ā This can assist with creating an agile mind and brain pathology.

šŸ¾Ā IMPROVES ALERTNESS:Ā This product aims to regulate mental processing. Dog behaviours such as disorientation, memory, recognition and learned behaviourĀ are supported and stimulated by using this mix of ingredients. Cognitive Support also helps to reduce swelling, temperature, tenderness and pain caused by dog dementia.

šŸ©øĀ BENEFITSĀ BLOOD FLOW:Ā By promoting blood flow to the brain, we can ensure it is receiving an efficient amount of oxygen and nutrients for full functionality. Keeping your dogs brain healthy from the start has the potential to deter dementia in dogs in the future.

šŸ§ Ā PROMOTES BRAIN HEALTH:Ā These ingredients work together to improve and promote overall brain function and wellness that may have been damaged due to Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, (dementia in dogs). This effective formula protects against neurotoxicity by improving oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, neurogenic inflammation and more.

šŸ‡¦šŸ‡ŗĀ MADE IN AUSTRALIA:Ā ThisĀ cognitiveĀ behaviour support is made in Australia for any breed of dog, at any age. Whether you have a Great Dane, Labrador or Boston Terrier, size, age and breed doesnā€™t matter at Petz Park. Use this product to maintain your dogā€™s brain health and functionality from puppyhood all the way to their senior years.

How long will aĀ pouch last?

Dog's Weight Weeks
0-11kgs 26 weeks
11-27kgs 13 weeks
27-36kgs 6 weeks
Over 36kgs 4 weeksĀ