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3 Easy Ways to keep your Pets Teeth Clean

January 09, 2023 2 min read

How to keep your pets dental health good - Von Hound and Friends

Are you finding that your pet is experiencing that morning breathe smell, all day? Never thought about how to clean your pets teeth and to keep those pearly whites, white? We have put together 5 Easy Ways to Keep your Pets Teeth Clean at home (we recommend starting these tips as soon as you bring your puppy home). 

Toothpaste for Dogs

If you are new around here, yes there is specifically designed toothpaste for dogs and in-fact, we sell it online and in-store! Just like us humans it is ideal to brush your teeth daily and although we understanding adding this to your pets routine everyday might seem a bit excessive at least once a week will suffice. 

You want to start introducing toothpaste to your dog from their puppy stage which might mean some fingers getting those sharp puppy teeth but it will help with future brushing and mean your dog will feel less scared of the toothbrush and toothpaste. 

We highly recommend trying the Shy Tiger Pet Toothpaste that is not only natural but it is Australian Made with real ingredients and nothing nasty.

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Dental Treats for Dogs

Although we do not sell dental treats online we do have a fabulous brand and business that is women owned and ran that we can highly recommend to all our Aussie Pet Owners. Laila and Me is one of Australia's leading pet treat brands that not only have the best dental treats for pets but they also try to use every part of the animal to limit the amount of wastage. 

Dental treats not only help stimulate the blood flow through to the gums but they encourage good chewing to help remove and minimise the build-up of plaque and tartar. While your pet gets a tasty chew they also end up with nicely polished teeth that will be sparkling. 

Laila and Me Pet Chew Treats - Von Hound and Friends

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Chew Toys for Pet Dental

Do you have a chewer? Although this can be mentally stimulating for your pet we highly recommend investing in some good quality chew toys that will keep your pet entertained for hours and help clean their teeth at the same time, its a win-win! We highly recommend our range of pet toys that are durable and can be used as treat stuffers! 

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Em Hill
Em Hill

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