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What is Ozone Massage-Therapy for Dogs?

November 12, 2022 3 min read

What is Ozone Massage-Therpy for Dogs? Von Hound and Friends

Does your pet suffer from itchy skin or skin conditions that cause redness leaving your pet feeling uncomfortable and irritated? Then you might want to have a read about how we can help your pet in a natural way. (No harsh chemicals or ingredients)

How can Ozone Massage-Therapy help my dog?

Ozone-Massage Therapy for dogs is the latest and in our eyes, the greatest addition to our grooming salon. This treatment now only using hydromassage but adds ozone to the water to help improve your pets skin and coat condition. 

Here is a list below of some of the things that you can help cure your pet and what we can help treat.

  • Allergies: Dermatitis Flea-Allergy, Dermatitis Food-Allergies or Atopic Dermatitis.
  • Fungus: Dermatophytosis (Ringworm), Dermatomycosis, Malassezie Dermatitis and Candidiasis.
  • Seborrhea: Moist seborrhea and Dry seborrhea.
  • Leishmaniasis: Create a natural skin and coat barrier while nourishing the coat and skin. Helps fight against external agents.
  • Alopecia: Treat Hair Loss, Surgical shavings, Follicular atrophy, Adenitis of sebaceous glands, Follicular dystrophy, Alopecia of color dilution and Skin hydration.
  • Itching: Help ease the itch from bacteria or malassezia.
  • Wounds: Help a wound heal and prevent infections or treat infections.

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Can Ozone Massage-Therapy for dogs help elderly dogs?

Yes, we highly encourage anyone with an elder dog who suffers from loss of blood circulation, joint pain anything like arthritis to come and enjoy our Ozone Massage Therapy. Not only will it help give them their bounce back but it will help create and reactivate blood circulation, and restore their vitality. 

We also encourage dogs who are timid or nervous to come and enjoy a relaxing pampering time to help make them feel at ease and less tense while it relaxes the joints and muscles.

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Is Ozone Massage-Therapy for dogs Natural?

Yes, if you are anything like us at Von Hound and Friends then you will know that we love to keep things as natural and chemical free as possible, we do not welcome any nasties into our products. 

The Ozone Water eliminates viruses and parasites and helps any pup who suffers from skin issues. We do prefer using the Ozone Water without products included to help promote healthy skin and help heal wounds or itchiness. If we do need to use a product then we will be using products by Melanie Newman, which are all natural and Australian Owned and Made. 

What Ozone Massage-Therapy services do you offer?

At Von Hound and Friends we offer two options

  1. Option One: Add our Ozone Massage-Therapy Treatment to your Regular Groom for an additional $30.00
  2. Option Two: If your dog suffers with skin problems or any of the above then we prefer to get them in for a skin consultation and diagnosis to ensure we make the best treatment plan to your dog. (Read below about our treatment plans and pricing)

How many treatments will my dog need?

Depending on the condition of your pet will depend on how many treatments we would recommend. On average we would recommend weekly treatments for 4-6 weeks with an on-going maintenance program. 

All the treatments are designed by the first qualified Australian Master Canine Aesthetician and are designed specifically to treat skin ailments in a natural manner allowing your dog to begin to heal and to promote long term skin health.

The pricing for this service is as follows:

  • Initial Skin Consult: $15 
  • Therapy Treatment: Starting from $75
  • Mini Treatment: Additional cost on-top of any Groom $10

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