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5 Tips to help your dog from stinking

September 04, 2022 4 min read

Keeping your dog clean - Von Hound and Friends

So you have a stinky dog, for the purposes of this blog, I am talking about stinky coat or skin not their mouth.

Well firstly, try not to worry, it's common. And look, I am not a Vet,butI have worked with dogs for a job and I have (currently) six of my vey own dogs. Additionally, I have done a lot of study and continue to do a lot of study and consult with some pretty amazing and knowledgeable people about these things… So I am going to give you my top 5 fixes foryourstinky dog!

Top 5 Tips to help your dog smelling clean

1. Use natural products 

I am talking about skin treatments here. Try not to buy things that are laden with chemicals, the skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs what you put on it. We don’t want to be feeding your dog a bunch of chemicals through their skin. There are some amazing natural brands made right here in Australia that are so good, I even use them in my Salon. One of the brands I highly recommend is Melanie Newman which you can accesshere. My favourite is the puppy collection, but honestly they’re all lovely. These products also mean that repetitive use isn’t an issue so if you like to wash often, go your hardest!

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2. Always Always Use Conditioner

I know, you really just want to wash away the dirt and the smell and to have your hound smelling normalbut removing their natural oils can actually be counterproductive. Now I am not saying don’t wash your dog, if you are following by first step above, I don’t care if you wash your babies every day! But you always need to use a conditioner. You need to replace the oils that you have removed so that your hound doesn’t created stinky oils to replace it. You know that stinky yeasty smell? Well ensuring that your dog is well conditioned can help to fight that! So when you’re buying that natural shampoo, don’t forget to buy the conditioner as well – believe me its worth it!

3. Feed a quality food

Did you know that the Australian Pet food market isn’t regulated? Crazy right? We love our dogs and seem to spend any amount to have them happy and healthy, yet there is not regulations on what we are putting into their bodies! Feeding a quality food, from a company who focuses on producing food made for canines is essential.

A brand that I would highly recommend, which I feed my own dogs is Frontier Pet Food you can find a link to their website here. Frontier Pet Food is winning awards all over the country for their innovation and advocacy efforts in the dog food industry. All their food is not only natural, but is also ethically sourced, human grade and made locally in Evans Head.

I must say Di, the founder is one of my girl crushes, she is really making waves and she couldn’t be more deserving. If you haven’t tried Frontier, do yourself a favour and get on to it. But also head to their website and start to educate yourself on what foods are best for your baby. The change in their general health and wellness as well as their health as they age is miraculous. Yes, the food is expensive, but preventative treatment is always better and less expensive than the cure. 

4. Apply natural creams and sprays between washes

If you have a dog that gets stinky quickly, which is often the case with short haired hounds especially, its likely because they have dry skin. Applying natural topical treatments such and conditioning sprays and brushing them gently into the coat, paw balms as well as other natural remedies such at the Red Dog range we stock in our online shop aid in keeping your hounds skin naturally moisturised in between washes. They can also actively aid fighting and possibly bacteria etc present on the skin if you get a good one. Again, Melanie Newman has a great conditioning spray for this purpose. 

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5. Vitamins

This is another one that not enough people do. All my dogs are on supplements and vitamins. We swap them around a bit, but I can say we are religiously on a probiotic and a skin and nails supplement. We use Petz Park, which is why you can find it in our online shop. But we can certainly say that we find them helpful. I even have a few clients who dogs start to lose their hair if they go off their probiotic. 

Anyways, vitamins to ensure that your babies are getting everything they need to function optimally its definitely a winner in my books. 

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Von Hound and Friends, Shannons Top Tips

So, there you have it – my top 5 fixes for a stinky dog! I would love to hear your successes or failures with any of the above. Also feel free to reach out to me and let me know your secret if it’s not one I already mentioned. 

Even better, share your story about the changes to your stinky dog so others can read and benefit from it.

Hope it helps!

Em Hill
Em Hill

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